The Provincial Chapter of 2001 took the decision to venture into frontline ministry, to take care of Human Immune Virus (HIV), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) people, as a mission of Compassion. This was the need of the hour as the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Hazaribag District was on the increase.

Holy Cross Community Care Centre (CCC) was established on Feb 15 2005 at Holy Cross Convent, Sitagarha, Hazaribag. Sr. Britto Madassery the pioneer of this ministry with lot of enthusiasm took care of these patients through various activities.


In the year 2009, the CCC program was shifted to Tarwa. In collaboration with government and other organizations awareness programs were conducted in the villages. Gradually the Holy Cross CCC program has adopted an inclusive and holistic approach to address the needs of the HIV/AIDS patients while having provision to take care of the General Patients.

Core Values:

Human Dignity, Compassionate love, Commitment, Dedicated service, Empowerment and self-reliance, Education and skill development, Professionalism, Excellence, Teamwork and Collaboration with government.

Our Motto:

Our motto is 'hand in hand with life' of people suffering from HIV/AIDS and we focus on positive living. The People living with AIDS suffer from stigma and discrimination. We believe in a community of acceptance and of equality in improving and affecting positive behavioural changes in the lives of people living with AIDS as well as in the prevention of further spread.


+ To make the people aware of the sickness, HIV/AIDS
+ To inculcate the attitude of acceptance & equality in the family and society.
+ To give dignified life to the People living with AIDS.
+ To provide Holistic Care to the people living with HIV/AIDS.
+ To stop new infection in the community.
+ To enable the HIV patients to learn some trade and to earn their lively hood.
+ To Rehabilitate the patients
+ To promote education of the children affected by HIV/ AIDS
+ To tap resources from the government and other agencies and to channelize it towards treatment and rehabilitation.

Our Mission - Activities at the Centre and in the villages

Clinical Support to Patients with HIV: The patience take medicine on a regular basis for five days, they also get nutritional support for five days.

Counselling of the affected people: There are trained councillors at the centre and in the villages to counsel the patients and their relatives. The patients need to rediscover their self-worth and the families need to learn to accept them and support them.

Nutritional Support: When the patients are malnourished, they are admitted in the hospital for nutritional supplements

Health education: The families of the patients are given home based care and education. They are taught how to take care of them. Health education to clients are given on various topics such as, T.B., Malaria, HIV AIDs, STD and other common diseases

Spiritual care to the Patients: The spiritual needs of the patience are taken care of and are counselled.

Home visits/Field Visits and Referrals: There are outreach workers to visit the patients in the villages. They also follow up these patients and in case of need, they refer them to higher Centres.

Awareness, Advocacy and Support: The staff organizes awareness program on general health and for HIV/AIDS in the villages. They are helped to get help from the government and from other sources.

Community Mobilization & Empowerment: The villagers are aware of the sickness and they are encouraged and empowered to come out and take the treatment without any fear and shame. They are able to live their life meaningfully.

Capacity Building Program for the staff and health service provider: This is given from time to time to improve the quality of service.

Drop in centres in the villages: There are 7 drop in centres which are located in villages of three districts. Two of the staff who is having HIV is in the centre, so that patients from the villages can go at any time and get the medicine and needed help. They also go to villages and identify patients with HIV. Mobile clinic from CCC visits the drop in centre and provide medicine and to do the monitoring.

Strengthening Group support: There are net works among the HIV affected patients in Block and District level who tries to persuade the government for various help.

Vocational training for Patients with HIV: The children who are able are sent for vocational training like - carpentry, plumbing, Driving etc. The women who are able are sent for tailoring.

Providing residential educational support to children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS: Residential education was given at our centre to the affected and infected children. Since August 2012, the government has absorbed them and educates them in their centre.

Establishing linkages with Government for referral cases: There is lot of facilities from the Government side, and the poor people do not have any access to these facilities especially when they need to be referred to higher centres for treatment. The staff of CCC helps in to get these resources for them.

Formation of legal aids cell: There is legal cell who takes up various cases of the patients with HIV. The networking staffs takes up issues of the village that trouble the patients to the legal aid. Most of the time they win the case

There are General patients who come to hospital, to see the doctor and for investigations and treatment

New Initiatives:
+ 10 bedded Palliative Care Centre by CHAI (Catholic Health Association of India).

+ Supported 100 HIV affected children with Nutritional service of homemade products - from outside agencies
+ 40 people, living with HIV are helped for livelihood support in terms of goat rearing, piggery, Soap making, Chicken, Shops etc. - from outside agencies
+ 20 children above 14 years are sent for Vocational training - outside Agencies
+ 50 children below 14 years get Educational Support from outside agencies
+ Conducted 11 Life Skill training for 1340 children and adolescents in 4 districts by various projects
+ CCC is selected as one of the best Community Care Centre in Jharkhand.